Thursday, June 9, 2016

Crocheted Toilet Paper? Uh, No Thanks Man...I'll Just Use a Phone Book Page

During my years in fundamentalist Christianity I got to see some pretty creative ways of cutting down on expenses, like yesterday's rewashable homemade sanitary napkins. But one of the ideas that squicked me out the most was the idea of the 'family cloth' - homemade rewashable toilet paper made out of either flannel or crocheted cotton.

Like this...

Lots of fundamentalist Christian mommas with sewing machines and copious amounts of time make these and sell them on Etsy. My question is how on earth can you possibly get these are clean as disposable toilet paper. It seems the amount of bleach, scrubbing and extra laundry expenses would cancel out any sort of savings. Face it, Charmin is just not that expensive. If money is that much of a problem you could always use old phone book pages or catalogs or corn shucks like they did long ago.

I could economize on a lot of things. Toilet paper is not one of those things I would skimp on.

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