Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Menstruation and Crochet

So this afternoon in the middle of a pounding blinding headache I got the bad idea to google up the term 'Crocheted Tampon Cozy'....

Most were very cute, like this one..

But then we suddenly slipped into The Dark Side......

First up  crocheted tampons. Okay, so I understand that buying tampons every month can add up and that having a reusable option appeals to some folks... but for the love of God get a Keeper! At least you can run a Keeper through the sanitizer cycle on your dishwasher. These things? Gagging thinking about the soaking and washing of crocheted tampons. Is it even really possible to get them clean-clean, 100% sanitized and ready for reuse without giving yourself Toxic Shock Syndrome or some version of the cotton-clap?

Of if you're a pad wearing kind of a gal they have the crocheted version of that too. No less unsanitary and making laundry day seem like you're doing the laundry at a bad bloody horror movie.

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