Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Crocheted Men's Rompers!

I'm back. I've been AWOL due to a home remodel and organizing and packing for an overseas move. Sadly, *sniff, sniff* I had to sell off a copious amount of my yarn stash on Ebay. Which gives me an excuse to pick up more to ship to my new home, hehehehe.

Early in the week one of my husband's cousins started sharing photos of the newest ridiculous hipster clothing trend that's starting to replace the jeans and plaid shirt with suspenders look all the dudes with weird beards and glasses are wearing - the Man Romper.

We had quite a laugh over those rompers, so what else could I do but Google furiously for photos of crocheted man rompers.

This photo, which I've shared before here is the closest I could find to a crocheted hipster man romper, at least the black and gray outfit fits the trend.

But I ran into a plethora of embarrassing crocheted dude bro wear I'm sharing below. One thing I have noticed through the year of crochet patterns and websites is the guys modeling the outfits either look like they are stoned, or cringing and being forced to don the item, or they have that old shit-eating fake grin thing going on. A few sport the 'Look how freakin' cool and hip I am.'

Is this what happens when you go to a rave in your crocheted britches and decide to hump a magical Wintery tree?

This dude or girl (I cannot tell!) is clearly waiting for some city slickers to come by so that they can enact the 'Squeal like a piggy' scene from the movie "Deliverance"

These shorts look very much like the ones I envision Jim Gaffigan showing up in a nightmarish fever dream to molest you.

Cutting a head hole in Granny's old afghan made of that itchy polyester Red Heart yarn does not look good on anyone.

This popped up when I Googled 'Crocheted Men's Rompers and I'm not sure why. It took me a view minutes to figure out there was actual crochet in this photo. Jon Ham would look good in any goofy piece of crochet, even a romper.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Stash Buster Don'ts - Serial Killer Masks

I get the need to use up all your various yarn leftovers and turn the scraps into all sorts of creative things. But here's the thing...

...these masks look like something you might don in a Grindhouse film right before you break out the chainsaw and nipple clips!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Don't Do This! Buy a Damn Chocolate Bunny For Reals!

I know mommas everywhere are trying to keep candy and chocolate consumption down as low as they can. What with all the bouncing around off the walls hyped up on sugar and the caffeine in chocolate. But... there are those sacrosanct things that should never be messed with. Like candy on Halloween and chocolate bunnies on Easter. These are cute, but why, why, why would you give your kids one of these instead of a traditional real chocolate Easter bunny? You're a mean one, Ms. Crocheting Easter Grinch!

I'm always suspicious of brown yarn anyway......

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sunday Sublime Thinking of Oceans, Beaches and Turtles

Oh this has to be one of my favorite projects I've seen online in ages....

A simple design with big impact and the beautiful colors sliding one into another.

If you'll now excuse me I have to go finish crocheting a quinceanera dress for my cat....

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Please Do Not Do This To Your Man!

Okay ladies, I understand the need to use up scrap yarn. I understand the desire to make something nice for your man. But please.... refrain from the stuff that turns him into a freak.... unless you really enjoy humiliation of men. If that's the case then be my guest and go right ahead!!

Were these things made for Burning Man?

We're Back! and Not in Prison!!!!